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Reflection Point: What is Your What?

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

It has been a long time since I had a holiday. Daunted by hectic workload and back to back business trips, it is easy to lose sight of what matters the most. My mind was cluttered with random thoughts obscuring the clarity of a sense of purpose that I used to have.

Booked my flight hoping for some solitude. An alone time with two friends I always consult with whenever I feel lost. They say, there is no friend as loyal as a book, so I took two of them:

My trip to Salalah, Oman.

At the shores of Salalah, Oman, we contemplated about life purpose and how one person can find what he/she meant to do. My first friend, “What You’re Really Meant To Do”, talked about the importance of truly knowing yourself to figure out what a person is ought to do in life. Knowing yourself requires:

  1. Assessing your strengths and weakness

  2. Find Your Passion

  3. Understanding yourself

You see, books talk, and when you contemplate what you are reading, it is just like having a conversation. Sometimes, it is worth having different perspectives. Not to undermine my first friend, but more of getting additional insights from my second friend “What is Your What?”. My second friend was all about discovering that one thing that you were born to do. Just one thing that if focused on, will forge a path to your legacy. He gave me a formula best illustrated below: my gifts + vehicle in which I deliver this gift to people + people who can benefit from my gift = my what.

What is Your What? by Steve Olsher

While the above seems straightforward, it is far from easy. I still struggle with finding my purpose. Revisiting this topic again and again in the hope of finding the answer. It is hard but worth it, and I do recommend you spend a lot of time on this. It is better to have a life that is spent doing the thing you love than a life spent in coincidence.

by Ahmed Albalooshi